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Extra Options


To really add to the party experience, we can add a makeover.   Diva has its very own qualified make up artist who can do as much or as little as is appropriate for each guest.

We know that parents don’t want their pre teens  to look like American Beauty Pageant Queens so our makeovers for younger guests will typically comprise of a slick of mascara, some clear lipgloss, a subtle dab of eyeshadow,  exclusive glitter dust – we’ll then tong their hair, clip it up, straighten it  whatever the child wants – or how about some temporary glitter tattoos? We have a range that the younger guests can choose from – including some exclusive Diva tattoos!


Older party divas and teenagers will be able to have glamorous makeover  designed to bring out their very best features, using  hypoallergenic makeup. A full consultancy on their current make up and advice will add to the experience.  Hair styling will  finish the look so that the girls look gorgeous when they go in front of the camera.

Makeover options are just £10 pp


The Diva Party Hot Tub – can be used in all weather!

We can add the ultimate celebrity lifestyle experience – after you had strutted your stuff in front of the camera, partied in the bar – why not finish off your exciting day relaxing in the hot tub with your friends?  The hot tub can easily cater for up to 8 guests and each guest will be served a glass of our special   pink champagne!  *

Diva Portrait Party

Lucy and her friends enjoying their first hot tub experience with Diva Portrait Parties

We can provide fluffy dressing gowns but do ask that your bring your own towels.  The hot tub option will last for 1 hour and costs just an extra £95 per party


Some of our Diva’s have really made the party special by arriving in a  stretch limousine. We can recommend  First Lincs Limo  based in Lincoln. 

Birthday Party idea LincsDiva Portrait Parties

* non alcoholic for under 18’s!


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